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How I can Register Affiliate?
Click Here Register New Affiliate

Who are affiliates?
Affiliates are Webmasters such as yourself who promote sites.Every Webmaster that joins the affiliate program is assigned an Affiliate ID with which he is identified. This Affiliate ID is to identify any traffic generated by your link codes. Your unique identification ID provides precise statistic leading to accurate payments.

How much can I earn?
If you have a small website you could be earning $1000 – 3000 a month. High traffic websites can earn $5000 or more a month. Several affiliates earn 5 or 6 figures on a monthly basis.
Of course, your earnings will depend on how much time you put into it, among other things. A realistic goal for new affiliates is $1000/month, working 2-3 hours/day, within 3-6 months.

Why Make Money With Xviporn?
When you invite your ref link you will make money up to 40% on ref
+ First Rate 20% on Ref For All Member
+ Last $200 – Rate 25% on Ref
+ Last $500 – Rate 30% on Ref
+ Last $1000 – Rate 40% on Ref

How Long I Can Receive Payment?
We payment every two week 15th – 30th on month.

What Is The Minimum Payout Amount?
The minimum payout amount is $20. we payout only paypal.

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October 12, 2016
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